The New Energy Context

The New Energy Context – Dec 2017

Traditional internal combustion powered vehicles account for over 95% of the UK & European market.

Until recently a fringe choice, the reality of electric plug-in vehicles soon becoming more mainstream was given a major prompt when GB & France governments announced this summer that no new only petrol or diesel powered cars & vans will be sold after 2040 and both Germany and The Netherlands announced they were aiming for an earlier timing. Norway have declared that all forms of petrol and diesel vehicles will not longer be permitted to sell from 2020.

In recent months most main car manufacturers have begun to confirm all/most new models will have electric powertrains in the near future (2-3 years).

It is estimated by Client Earth that more than 400,000 early deaths are caused each year by air pollution in Europe.

The pace of change around vehicle usage and regulation has continued to step up – larger GB cities are announcing ULEV zones and the new T-charge on older diesel cars was introduced in London in October. The results of an early survey on the T-Charge conducted by found that of those who travel to London regularly, many claim to have already switched to public transport in lieu of paying the T-Charge.

In November 2017 we ran our own series of questions to establish the State of the Nation in this greener landscape and to look at the UK population’s understanding and relationship with the evolving energy landscape.

We’ve published the results in a free summary 8 page paper which can be found here

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